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To become the Learning Hub for Aspiring Leaders 

To provide High Quality Innovative and Evidence based Programmes.

Dani Rius, MSc in Applied Psychology (Organisational Psychology), MA in Research Methods (Education), BA in Teaching, Coaching Certificate in Tony Robbins' Strategic Intervention method, Counselling Skills Certificate

Dani brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to her work with clients. Not only does she have a proven record of continuous life-long learning but she also has ample experience in working with people of different cultures, organisation sizes and industries. Dealing with different cultures is not foreign to Dani. 

She grew up in different countries, learned different languages and quickly adapted her speech and behaviors when she realised her prior knowledge of cultural norms were no longer valid. She owes her adaptability and flexibility as well as her resilience to her early exposure to several cultures before globalisation became a well known phenomenon.

Before becoming a small business owner, Dani worked in the Education industry for over 15 years in several roles, from teaching Business English in private companies (10+ years) to advising domestic and international students on programmes, promoting schools and college and responding to student enquiries at a university help desk. 

Apart from her work acumen, Dani has been part of Committees as a VP PR in Spreydon Toastmasters International Club, on behalf of which she founded a radio programme on PlainsFM called 'A Toast to You(http://www.plainsfm.org.nz/Programmes/Programme-Details.aspx?PID=fd06c7c2-0bab-4083-b779-6855a0c03985) and Responsible for Communications/Researcher at the Coaching Psychology special interest group (CPSIG) of the New Zealand Psychology Society (NZPsS). She also volunteered as an immigrant/refugee tutor/mentor and a counsellor and translator assisting social workers with helping disadvantaged minorities integrate to society at the Vancouver Multicultural Family Centre and in Tourism Vancouver as a Tourist Information Counsellor.

Dani takes pride in offering tools of excellence that contribute to increased employee satisfaction and engagement as teams learn to work with their strengths to improve their communication and relationship skills, which come as a result of understanding common thought patterns and resulting human behavioursBeing a member of the Association for Training and Development (ATD), Human Resources of New Zealand (HRINZ) and Toastmasters International, as well as having an active subscription to the Harvard Business Review and the Positive Psychology Toolkit, she iswell resourced to provide the latest news and developments in her areas of expertise, namely human resources, learning and development, organizational development, as well as coaching, positive psychology, change management, diversity management, and emotional intelligence.

Dani is trained in the Strategic Intervention coaching method by Tony Robbins. This method is backed up by his 40 years of life and business coaching experience and his group of researchers to support his business. Dani has access to his latest resources through other programmes, such as Business Mastery and Mastering Influence

Until 2015, Dani was part of a University of Canterbury Resilience Research group studying learning and resilience of businesses surviving the post-earthquake Canterbury scene. For her Master's research she interviewed leaders while searching common patterns that seemed to make businesses more/less successful and resilient. The research group found the ingredients that make leaders successful even in highly uncertain and challenging circumstances. Dani brings that awareness and her experience as a researcher to help businesses become more resilient.

With the aim to contribute to the success of her clients, Dani is genuinely interested in seeing them grow in their confidence and skills. Her 6 years of continuous mindfulness meditation practice and study of ancient wisdom and philosophy makes her more caring, present and focused, characteristics which help her make a positive impact on the world of business. Her commitment to increasing the health and wellbeing of organisations and their members is notable. She comments on what drives her as a consultant, "the good news is that the more people are happy and engaged at work, the more they and their businesses can thrive. It is a well worth investment and I am thrilled to be part of our clients' success!" 

The personal growth individuals achieve also positively influence their behaviour at work, as they increase their focus, productivity and engagement, thus making personal development good for business as much as personally.

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