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Procrastinating on Your Dreams? FREE EVENT 
Get inspired and prepared for action to bring your dreams alive NOW!
December 4, 6:30pm-8:30pm
301 Tuam Street, Christchurch Central (NZ)

Have you been wanting to start doing something exciting and juice up your life,yet the busyness of everyday life seems to always be getting in the way?

Maybe you wanttolearn a new language, start a new career or write a book or you just wantmore time for your partner, your friends and have a better work/life balance.

You always tell yourself you will get to it, but you keep procrasinating. 

If this sounds like you, you might be forgetting to take care of your INNER VOCE that is yelling to get OUT!

Dani uses her deep understanding of human behaviour and skills acquired in her Tony Robbins coaching training to explain concepts clearly while engaging her audience with visualizations, insights and practical exercises.

"Thank you for your “Procrastinating Your Dreams” evening, I found this to be a very powerful session to give me confidence to move to my next adventure! I really enjoyed your “visualisation” technique – it really was an outstanding experience! After your session, on reflection I realised what my “rule” was – thankyou!"
Holly Rogers - ANZ Manager


Customer Services Excellence
Become a Customer Service Superstar!
Location: Christchurch, NZ
December 12, 9:00am-12:00pm

The benefits of this course:
You will
  • Become a more effective listener, responding to customer needs
  • Develop an improved ability to read your customer's mood and understand their behavior,enabling you to respond faster and more accurately to their needs
  • Understand how going the extra mile can win customer loyalty
  • Gain strategies to meet customer demands and exceed their expectations when solving their problems
  • Learn how to defuse difficult situations
  • Learn concepts from Emotional Intelligence that will transform the way you deal with customers
by Dani Rius for IT Fixed


Increasing your Resilience and Productivity 
Location: Christchurch, NZ

The benefits of this course

This course will teach you evidence based strategies and tools that will help identify high impact goals and increase the focus on what matters most to your bottom line. You will therefore learn to work SMART-er, not harder. 

Simple stress reduction techniques will help you increase your clarity, focus and deliver!

The insights and tools that you will learn during the course will change the way you set priorities and move you from a re-active to a more pro-active approach to work, therefore gaining more control over your workload and starting to see better results! 

By applying strategies and tools every day, you should soon be able to see an improvement in your overall productivity.

Module 1: Setting and Achieving Goals
  • Identify how successful people self-manage / personal resilience
  • Define our vision and how it aligns with the overall strategic plans
  • Learn to work smarter, not harder: Setting SMART, realistic and achievable goals
  • Manage our priorities in times of change and conflicting demands

Module 2: Developing an Effective Action Plan 
  • Learn how to develop an action plan that reflects our priorities
  • Use SMART criteria to prioritise our workload
  • Identify and focus on high pay off activities
  • Get into a results focused mindset

Module 3: Maximising Our Interactions with Others

  • Define our objectives for our interactions in advance
  • Prepare effectively before going to a meeting
  • Respond effectively to the demand of others
  • Manage expectations proactively, know when to say 'no'
  • Manage interruptions more effectively, using appropriate assertive behaviour to get things done


Feedback from our latest course

"WOW Dani! What an amazing day. So inspiring that I have spent the last two & a half hours since I got home jotting down my 'take away' learnings from the day & starting a Results based action plan so I don't forget today's many "aha" moments. All this on a Friday night, with the flu, after a 7 & 1/2hr training day! I've never done this straight after a course before. Dani, you have INSPIRED me. Thank you!"
Joanna Giles

And further, Joanna says: "Every company owner and manager who wants to increase company productivity and staff engagement should put their staff through this course."
Joanna Giles - Small business owner of Love Your Look

"I recently attended a Productivity and Resilience Course run by Dani. I found the course to be very helpful. Dani teaches delivers the course concepts in a practical way. I left the course with a number of insights and tools to help me to be more efficient with my time and get more out of my day"
Olivia Donaldson, BNZ Bank employee
Increase Your Personal Resilience - for work and life! 
November 15, Wellington - Course Full (Register Interest for 2018) - (Auckland postponed. Register interest for 2018)

Increasing personal resilience is essential to Human Resources Management from both a leadership and organisational perspective. This course provides HR practitioners with a greater understanding of the underlying psychological mechanisms of personal resilience and delivers some practical tools to enable them to respond more positively to work demands, lead staff to develop their own personal resilience, increase innovation and productivity in the workplace, and reduce common issues such as bullying, depression and anxiety within their teams. Participants will also learn how to build personal and social resources; and tame the mind to remain in control of emotions during challenging times - tools that promote personal growth and resilience both at work and in life.

Who should attend the course?
This course is essential for HR Managers, HR Advisors and line managers seeking an understanding of personal resilience and some helpful tools to create positive change in the workplace.

Course offered through the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand. For more information and registrations visit

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