Exciting workshops that develop a greater understanding of personal resilience and the underlying psychological mechanisms that influence our thoughts and actions. 
Obtain knowledge and skills that are essential ingredients for the success of every business. Learn evidence based strategic and systemic thinking and gain practical, hands on tools that increase your emotional intelligence.
The experiential workshops aim to provide tools that empower you to take your performance to the next level by increasing your confidence in your ability to succeed in different people related aspects of business, from creating a culture of empathy and trust to increasing engagement and productivity.

Increase your Resilience and Productivity

The benefits of this course

This course will teach you evidence based strategies and tools that will help identify high impact goals and increase the focus on what matters most to your bottom line. You will therefore learn to work SMART-er, not harder. 

The insights and tools that you will learn during the course will radically change the way you set priorities and move you from a re-active to a more pro-active approach to work, therefore gaining more control over your workload. 

The stress reduction techniques that Dani will teach you can be used any time during the day so that you increase your clarity, focus and deliver! If you apply these techniques every day, you should soon be able to see an improvement in your overall productivity.


"WOW Dani! What an amazing day. So inspiring that I have spent the last two & a half hours since I got home jotting down my 'take away' learnings from the day & starting a Results based action plan so I don't forget today's many "aha" moments. All this on a Friday night, with the flu, after a 7 & 1/2hr training day! I've never done this straight after a course before. Dani, you have INSPIRED me. Thank you!"
Joanna Giles

And further, Joanna says: "Every company owner and manager who wants to increase company productivity and staff engagement should put their staff through this course."
Joanna Giles - Small business owner of Love Your Look

"I recently attended a Productivity and Resilience Course run by Dani. I found the course to be very helpful. Dani teaches delivers the course concepts in a practical way. I left the course with a number of insights and tools to help me to be more efficient with my time and get more out of my day"
Olivia Donaldson, BNZ Bank employee
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Increasing Your Productivity and Resilience, where Dani talks about the rationale of the workshop and how she developed it.

Customer Services Excellence
Become a Customer Service Superstar! (Dec 12)

Do your customers feel valued? Does your team constantly meet your customer's expectations?  Do customers return to your business again and again? Customer Service is an essential ingredient of everyday business, however, it is a learned skill and not something we are born with. The good news is that with practice and some great coaching, anybody can hone their skills and become a customer service superstar!


Leading Diverse Teams

Teams that are diverse usually have more difficulty getting established, but it is a well worth investment to create a good foundation for collaborative work. Research shows that diverse teams, when they learn to work well together, yield the best outcomes in terms of innovation, and as a consequence often also in productivity. This course is ideal for knowledge workers, such as IT experts and engineers. It will provide tools to improve time and workload management, meeting management and, above all, how to establish good working relationships and deal positively with conflict.

Full day course


Team Leadership Development

Line managers have a key role in the organisation. A successful line manager or team leader steers and guides their supervisees in the right direction. They need to be effective at managing people issues, including staffing, resources, and conflicts. Negotiation and conflict resolution is one of the greatest challenges, as is the ability to confer meaning to management strategic goals and translate them into workable units. 

In this program team leaders learn, among other things:
  • Underlying motivations in human behaviour, how they may play out in group interactions within teams, and how to manage interpersonal conflicts effectively;
  • How to improve performance and increase workplace wellbeing at the same time;
  • To gain confidence in dealing with people issues, developing important skills that enhance interpersonal relationships; 
  • To learn more effective ways to deal with and resolve conflict between team members; 
  • To develop effective strategies in order to facilitate positive interactions during meetings and ensuring goals are met.

Full Day Experiential Workshop

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Developing Resilience in Leaders

All leaders have good qualities that make them successful. However, when stress levels are extremely high, keeping emotions in check and making decisions calmly can be quite challenging. Developing tools to draw on in highly challenging situations or unchartered environments and continuously practicing for such an event will help to confront the hardest issues and obtain positive outcomes. Understanding emotions and behaviours and the dynamics that occur within those circumstances are key to developing resilience.

This day course will provide you with tools to draw on when faced with great challenges, which will contribute to your own levels of personal resilience as well as others' as they model your behaviour. Your ability to reflect and learn from your experience and in interaction with others will help you develop your interpersonal communication and relationship skills.
Full Day Experiential Workshop

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Feedback from our latest course

Navigating through Change (for Leaders)

De-mystifying change; providing insights and tools to manage change more effectively through communication, responsible action, and understanding the reasons for failure and how to make change efforts successful in spite of the high failure rate worldwide. 

The benefits of this course You will learn to navigate change with success, using a clear eight-step process for managing change effectively based on John Cotter’s leadership tools, which will help identify areas that need strengthening to avoid derailment. This highly practical, experiential course will help gain clarity in times of uncertainty.

Full day course.

Personal Resilience & Wellbeing

We are more resourceful than we think. In this course, Dani shows clients how to increase their personal resilience, use current strengths and develop new ones. She teaches how our mind functions and how to tame our mind to be in control of our emotions instead of external circumstances controlling us. In this course, clients learn to use meditation and visualization techniques to relax their mind any time of the day. She uses knowledge from ancient philosophy and human psychology to explain strongly rooted human issues and how to solve them.
Full day course  offered through Human Resources Institute of New Zealand

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