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Mindfulness coaching guides people to reconnect with themselves and their environment in more effective ways. As they learn to become more present with their feelings they become more in tune with their core. This results in more mindfulness towards themselves and others as they increase their awareness of how their thoughts impact their behaviours and influence others. This is a powerful retention tool, ideal to reward good performance and increase workplace wellbeing.

"Everyone has the right to achieve success. However sometimes we need a push in the right direction to achieve what we desire. Dani has provided both: inspiration and the tools for me to realise my own potential."
Paul Crisp
Our personal problems might be getting in the way of our work. We try to solve them by ourselves but sometimes they are just too overwhelming and we hope they will go away by themselves. That is rarely the case. As you delve into your soul –gently guided by a non-judgmental and caring mindfulness coach who takes you through powerful, personalised visualisations that help reconnect with your core in such a powerful way that you are able to make the changes that will transform your life. That way you can recover your joy as you regain the focus and control over your life and work. During the coaching sessions, we try to gain a crystal clear image of the life you want for yourself and discover the steps needed to achieve it. Using the proven Strategic Intervention method by the famous Anthony (Tony) Robbins, you will start seeing your life unfold the way you have not dared to dream before.
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