Developing resilient leaders, individuals and teams for personal and business success. 
Employee and Organisational Resilience - Workplace Wellbeing - Risk Reduction - Conflict Management - Emotional Intelligence
Transform your business by transforming people's lives. 

Increase employee engagement. 

Develop your strengths and capabilities to be able to respond more quickly and effectively to crises and thrive.


Making Your Leadership Count 
Engaging Employees Powerfully


Empowering for Spiritual Growth
Making a Difference in People's Lives

Customer service excellence

Half Day Course

Do your customers feel valued? 

Does your team constantly meet your customer's expectations?

Do customers return to your business again and again? 
Customer services is an essential ingredient of every business; however, it is a learned skill and not something we are born with. 

The good news is that with practice and great coaching, anybody can hone their skills 

and become a customer services SUPERSTAR!

Increase your productivity and personal resilience

Full Day Course

Do you feel you are working harder and harder yet not getting the results you want?

Are you stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and do not know how to stop your worries?

Do you finish your working day feeling you did not accomplish your most important goals?

During this experiential workshop, you will learn evidence based strategies and practical tools to focus your attention on the things that matter most to your bottom line. 
Simple stress reduction techniques will help you increase your clarity, focus and deliver!

Lead the life you want

Three (3) Month Program

You know you are meant for greater things. You have played it small and now you are ready to dream big and make it happen.

You sense it is time to change because things are not working that well for you anymore. 

You have lost some of the love, joy and happiness of life. You want your life to be meaningful.

You want to stop unhappy minds and negative circumstances around you, but feel helpless.

Dare to follow your heart, connect deep inside and lead the life you want! 

And become a more wholesome YOU!

Small Group Coaching

For Groups of Three (3) to Five (5)

Is your high performing team no longer performing the way it should?
  • Deadlines are being missed lately
  • Employees are not collaborating as expected
  • Arguments are taking up valuable time
  • Newer employees are not 'fitting in' 
Sometimes little problems lead to bigger problems. 
Catch them early and solutions may be simple. Wait until they get bigger and they can get nasty and complicated. 
The good news is that a little bit of team coaching can get the group back on track in no time! 

What problems do we solve?

For the professional
  • Increasing employee engagement/building relationships of trust
  • Reducing conflict/having courageous conversations 
  • Developing personal resilience/reducing stress/embracing change and challenges 
  • Creating high performance teams/Increasing resourcefulness and innovation 
  • Gaining confidence in public speaking / Delivering professional presentations
  • Tranforming negative emotions through emotional intelligence building
  • Developing people leadership and communication skills (for new and aspiring leaders/refresher for current leaders) 
  • Bringing excellence to customer services –for business (with a positive overflow onto our lives!)

For personal and life challenges 
  • Improving relationships with others/understanding the human mind to communicate better
  • Developing personal resilience/dealing positively with change and life transitions
  • Developing practical skills in face of personal challenges
  • Becoming a confident speaker for social occasions
  • Overcoming fears and anxiety/social anxiety/reducing risk of burnout
  • Finding strength in adversity/transforming uncertainty into opportunity 

About Dani

Dani Rius is a certified professional coach trained in the Strategic Intervention (Tony Robbins) method and is a facilitator of programmes that she designs and develops with deep care for her customers. She is also a researcher and a speaker with an MSc in Organisational Psychology, an MA in Research Methods (Education), and BA in Teaching, among the long list of qualifications of this lifelong learner.

Dani aims to support individuals in developing resilience and leadership skills by providing them with practical tools that allow for a heightened understanding of the drivers of human behavior. She helps tap into hidden talents to increase engagement and boost productivity.

She knows that having strategically intelligent teams is the key to unlocking their great potential. Dani enthusiastically shares some of these tools with her clients when engaged as a speaker, trainer or coach.

Memberships and Affiliations: HRINZ (Human Resources Institute of New Zealand), ATD (Association for Training & Development)
Certifications: OPRA Psychometric Testing Certified
Resources and Subscriptions: Harvard Business Review, Positive Psychology Toolkit, 16Personalities, 500+ books and scientific journal articles

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"Everyone has the right to achieve success. However sometimes we need a push in the right direction to achieve what we desire. Dani has provided both: inspiration and the tools for me to realise my own potential."

Paul Crisp

"WOW Dani! What an amazing day. So inspiring that I have spent the last two & a half hours since I got home jotting down my 'take away' learnings from the day & starting a Results based action plan so I don't forget today's many "aha" moments. All this on a Friday night, with the flu, after a 7 & 1/2hr training day! I've never done this straight after a course before. Dani, you have INSPIRED me. Thank you!"

Joanna Giles
Increase Your Productivity and Resilience Day Course

"By listening closely, Dani offered fresh new perspectives, allowing me to reflect and learn about the situations I was going through. Dani had a very caring approach where I never felt any sense of judgement, which in turn, allowed me to express my opinions and ideas at ease. I thoroughly appreciated her honest feedback and continuous support. [...] She would often communicate and check how I was dealing with my work transition into a managerial role. I highly recommend Daniela."

Bernardo Santos
Career Coaching

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